Applied Behavior Analysis

What is ABA?

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is an approach that uses learning and motivation to teach functional skills, improve social interactions, and reduce challenging behaviors in children with autism.

Behavior analyst believe that behaviors are learned through consequences. Those consequences help us predict whether or not a behavior will occur again in the future. Using evidence based procedures, we assess your child’s skills and determine the functions of their behaviors. From there we work together with the parent to develop an intervention plan to teach new skills that are essential to functional living, to reduce challenging behaviors such as tantrums, and teach alternative behaviors that are appropriate.

ABA is not a clinic only setting. We go where the behavior occurs (home, playground, store, etc) so that we can teach them how to function in their natural environment. Parent participation is vital to the child’s progress. Parent training allows parents to learn the skills we use to help their child succeed.

ABA has been demonstrated to be effective in several areas including: verbal behavior, social skills, adaptive skills, academic performance, reducing challenging behaviors, and increasing appropriate behaviors.

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