Core Synchronism

Is a modality that combines three techniques: cranio sacral therapy, osteopathy, and polarity therapy, to help the client deeply relax and stimulate the body’s natural healing ability. Core synchronism helps your nervous system slow down so that you can rest and enjoy relief from anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, trauma, physical pain, and more. Clients who have experienced a “Core Synch Session” say they feel more relaxed, more centered, able to think more clearly, and respond rather than react emotionally. Some clients also experience somato- emotional release and relief. Core synch uses a gentle palpation technique that is gentle and effective. It is safe to use where massage may be contraindicated.

Core Synchronism can help:

  • Care-givers, care-takers, health-care professionals, and chronic ‘people pleasers’ who need to restore self-care
  • Busy, stressed out professionals seeking work/life balance
  • Pregnant Mothers, women who have just given birth (postpartum)
  • Women in Transition (divorce, menopause)
  • Babies who have some tension or trauma after birth, or are having breastfeeding or developmental difficulties
  • Families: children with anxiety or learning challenges, overworked parents
  • Cancer patients and their families
  • Those recovering from surgeries, injury, or illness
  • Athletes
  • You

Interested In Core Synchronism?

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