Ruston Clinical Staff

Mary Kate Cortez



I am a Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor (PLPC). I have a Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Education from Louisiana Tech University and a Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Louisiana Tech University.

I have always had a desire for counseling as I watched the impact counseling had on my family growing up. Counseling allowed my family to be able to talk about our issues and not “sweep them under the rug.” It did not mean we were perfect, but it did mean we didn’t have to be afraid to talk about our struggles with one another. I stepped into teaching 3rd grade once I finished my undergraduate degree. My experience teaching only fueled my desire to help people with their struggles. I witnessed my students wrestle with problems at home and personally. I realized I had a passion for helping people with the root issues in their lives. I desire to help my clients find freedom and healing through counseling.

I have experience with children, adolescents, and adults. I have spent time counseling in home-based services with an under-served population who have experienced trauma. I work with individuals and groups using a trauma-informed perspective. I also use cognitive-behavior therapy and solution focused therapy to help clients get to their goals in counseling.

I seek to provide a safe, therapeutic environment for my clients which allows them to explore their past and current struggles. I believe God has created us to find healing and freedom, and I hope to help each of my clients in their journey to that freedom. I believe that the relationship between my client and myself is key in helping clients explore the root of their anxiety, depression, or any other problems they may experience.

Olivia Mason

LMFT, CSAT, CPTT-Candidate, Brainspotting Practitioner    318-436-4197


I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, as well as Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. I received my Bachelors Degree in psychology from Louisiana Tech University and a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern Mississippi. I have experience working with a diverse population of all different genders, ages, sexuality, race, and cultural backgrounds. My primary focus is working with men, women, and couples. With that focus, I’ve had experience working with substance and process addictions, eating disorders, professionals, other compulsive or problematic behaviors, and general mental health struggles, such as anxiety or depression.

My passion is working with those struggling with healthy intimacy, appropriate attachment, and relational issues. Just with those three things can come so much confusion, hurt, and sadness. With help and growth, there can be healing, hope, and strength. I believe while we often get hurt in relationships, we can also be healed in relationships.
So many have experienced traumatic events in life and are unsure or feel unsafe in how to process those moments. My focus of therapy is to do exactly as I said above: heal. I look at healing through the lens of the system of the individual or couple because the person isn’t the problem- the problem is the problem. I feel strongly about helping people find their healthy life and how this will impact the people that surround them.

Ruston Integrative Wellness

Rachel Hanes

Registered and Licensed Dietitian


Hi! I’m Rachel Hanes and I’m a Registered and Licensed Dietitian with passion. My goal is to help others find freedom not only in their relationship with food, but freedom in their thoughts.

I have a Bachelors Degree and Masters Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Louisiana Tech University. I also completed my dietetic residency at Louisiana Tech and later returned to teach Nutrition Courses and support the Nutrition and Dietetics Program through various speaking opportunities and serving on the Human Ecology Advisory Council.

For most of my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working in Eating Disorder Recovery and mental health for a Residential Facility for women with life-controlling issues. It is there that my passion grew for helping others understand biblical and nutrition-related, scientific truths to help them find lasting freedom in their relationship with food.

I offer individualized care to my clients by assessment of nutritional deficiencies and unhealthy food and weight-related behaviors. I provide a recommended eating pattern designed to meet individualized needs and reach attainable, health-related goals that the client and I developed together. In addition to providing education to help clients better understand an eating pattern that works best for them, I use nutritional counseling to gain insights on the individual’s emotional needs when it comes to developing healthy, lasting habits and eating patterns.

I am also the author of Taste Freedom, a six-week study focused on helping others get to the root of toxic thinking, specifically negative body image and unhealthy preoccupation with food, and discover tools to help them find freedom that has always been there for them. I host Taste Freedom workshops and events to enhance the experience and provide an environment for others to discover this freedom in community. If you can’t tell already, this is absolutely my passion.

Jess Johnson

ICF-certified Life and Leadership Coach     318.562.6903


I am an ICF-certified Life and Leadership Coach and have obtained a Human Development and Family Science degree from Louisiana Tech University. I have spent the last several years as a director of a leadership institute. I love developing others because I genuinely enjoy watching as they identify possibilities, overcome barriers, and realize their potential.
Coaching is a collaboration with the client – they set the agenda, and I am there to provide guidance for goal-setting, tools for strategic planning, and accountability for implementation. Evidence-based coaching is rooted in well-supported motivational theories. My background in family science has trained me to look at the individual’s influences and relationships. Together, motivation and context allow me to provide pathways as the client closes the gap between where they are and where they can be.