Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Through trauma informed equine training, we at CDCIW hope to bring more resources to our community to help people break free from the pain of their past and to make lasting internal change for external growth and success!

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We believe according to the principles of The Natural Lifemanship Institute that:
A tool for our healing, an object, a mirror, or a metaphor
A flawless magical creature capable of divine intervention
A therapist
A human
A herd animal who depends on interconnected and complex relationships
A mammal who craves connection and authenticity
A highly sensitive creature who relies on ongoing, subtle, and embodied communication
A sentient being, an individual, with their own wants, needs, and histories— including their own wounds to heal
We are now accepting clients for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Contact our office and ask to see Amanda Cruse or Clint Davis.

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