Shreveport Clinical Staff

Clint Davis

EMDR Provider
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

[email protected]  318-562-6903


I am an Army Veteran who has a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Louisiana Tech University and Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theological Seminary. I am an ordained minister and Licensed Professional Counselor trained in EMDR for trauma, Restoration Therapy for couples and families, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) and I am also a certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT).  I am married to my wife Jacie and I have two sons Grady and Jude.

I started this practice to be able to help people in ways that are progressive, cutting edge, and have the ability to make real and lasting change in the body, mind, and spirit. As a part of my journey I have faced trauma of different levels and experiences. I am a child of sexual neglect and divorce. I have faced bullying and emotional abuse. I have been to war in Afghanistan and faced natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina. I have two children with special needs and rare diseases. This has shaped me to have a heart for helping others and experience with real change and healing. Through all of this, God has continued to work in me to guide me and lead me to help others. Counseling and guidance have helped me to move past my past and continue to overcome my hang-ups and hurts. I hope that through taking the risky and sometimes scary step of calling a counselor that others will reach out and find that same help I received. Our past is important, but it does not have to dictate our present. We have a team of amazing of counselors, therapists, and social workers who want to walk along side you with whatever you are facing. The battle does not have to be fought alone. We believe there is power in vulnerability and that by reaching out for help you can find the power and strength to overcome whatever trauma and pain that life has brought upon you.

LaNita Proctor

LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, EMDR Provider, and Certified Partner Trauma Therapist

 [email protected]   318-218-8704


My love for helping others overcome life challenges stems from my early days in college when I was a member of the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. This organization introduced me to community based service projects that were life changing. It was in these early days that I had the rewarding opportunity to change lives and help others see bright possibilities for their future. Through counseling I am able to continue to help others by empowering individuals and families from a strengths based perspective. I also come from a proud military family and am a passionate Veteran advocate. I seek to serve those who have bravely served our country. I have experience providing counseling to Veterans, adults, couples, families and groups with a special focus on trauma.

I am currently a LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Louisiana. I studied business and received a Bachelor’s of Science at Texas A&M University-Commerce in Commerce, Texas and completed a Masters in Social Work program at Stephen F. Austin State University School of Social Work in Nacogdoches, Texas. I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Ross Githens

EMDR Provider
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

[email protected]   318-459-8922


I discovered very young in my life that I loved talking to people. I realized that there is something very healing when you have someone that you can trust during difficult times. I took every psychology/counseling course I could in high school and college. I completed my psychology degree from Louisiana College and headed to Fort Worth, TX to finish my master’s degree at Southwestern Baptist Seminary where I majored in marriage and family counseling. I have been counseling since 2006 and I’m living my dream of encouraging and supporting people as they go through past, present and future issues that arise.

My faith is very important to my therapy since I believe God is essential to recovery from addiction and most life issues. I never want to push people to God but offer my insight if they want spiritual guidance.

I work with individuals, couples, and families. I focus on teenagers and adults with anxiety, depression, grief and addiction issues. I also enjoy working with couples to learn effective communication and conflict resolution skills.

I am a licensed addiction counselor since 2007 and I am a licensed professional counselor since 2010. I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) which will help people recovering from trauma.

Brandy Walker

LPC, EMDR Provider, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Certified Telehealth Professional

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From a very young age I knew that I wanted to do something in life to help others.
Over the course of growing up and through my own experiences in life it became
clear to me that I had the capacity to listen, to hear and to empathize with others in
all matters. Because of this I chose to pursue my education in psychology and
counseling, where I earned a Master of Arts in Counseling and Guidance and
became a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2010.

I am passionate about meeting people where they are and walking with them to
healing.  I work with adults experiencing a wide range of difficulties including
depression, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, parenting problems, career
challenges, trauma, abuse, chronic illness and chronic pain.

My counseling style is warm and interactive. I believe in treating each client with
respect, sensitivity, and compassion, and I don’t believe in stigmatizing labels.

My counseling technique includes a solution focused, cognitive behavioral approach
which incorporates mindfulness training, effective coping skills, communication
skills, problem solving skills and exploration of personal conflicts and emotional
stressors. I have also been trained in EMDR to better assist clients in finding

Through my own life experience and through trainings I have several grief
counseling certifications to help individuals as they walk through the grief of
losing loved ones, the grief that accompanies trauma and the grief that comes with
so many losses in life.

As individuals gain insight into their lives and positive changes are made in
thought processes and behaviors a more fulfilling and happier life may be
achieved. If you are ready to begin the process of change, I am here to support and
encourage you.

Kesha Simmons

National Board Certified Counselor |
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional |
EMDR Provider | TBRI Practitioner

[email protected]    318-562-6903


No one escapes childhood unscathed, not even me, I thought. But, oh how life changed once I identified my adverse childhood experiences and their impact on me as an adult! Now, childhood friends often ask what do you credit your success with?  My answer is a burning desire for more.  I simply wanted more out of life than what I was experiencing.  With the help of others, I got busy writing my own story.  Now, I have a story that many others and I can enjoy! You can do the same.”

Kesha M. Simmons is a Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor with a Masters of Education in School Counseling from Louisiana State University Shreveport.  She specializes in trauma-informed approaches in order to ensure children are free from harm and to help individuals and families achieve lifelong health and wellbeing. She is also a promoter of conscious parenting. For eight years, Ms. Simmons has assisted teens with difficult-to-treat emotional disorders and developmental disabilities while helping parents develop a healthy attachment to their child.

Outside of work, Ms. Simmons is an avid reader and her most treasured past time is intimate talks with friends. She lives life believing that if hurt occurs in relationships, then healing can only occur through relationships.

Hannah Savoy


[email protected]    318-562-6903


From a young age, I knew I had a love for learning other people’s stories. Friends and family often describe me as someone who has a longing to dig deeper in conversations, with lifelong friends and strangers alike. I believe the more we talk with one another and take the time to learn each other’s stories, the sooner we realize we are all more alike than it may appear on the surface. I believe we all have similar fears and insecurities, hopes and desires, and the best way to discover this is through good conversation, which in turn leads to connection.

An internship at a foster and adoption agency led me to pursue an undergraduate degree in Child and Family Studies from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Following graduation, I went on to obtain my Masters in Social Work, also from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, and now practice as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. During my schooling, I was able to get a firm understanding of the human experience across the lifespan, from childhood to aging populations, as well as the emotional and psychological changes and stressors each population may be subject to face. I strongly believe we were not meant to face those changes or stressors alone.

With career experience as a medical social worker in an acute hospital, I’ve been fortunate to walk alongside individuals and families during some of the most vulnerable and traumatic experiences of their lives and I’ve come to realize there are few greater joys than being able to provide that level of support to people in need. Through my experience I’ve also come to realize that underneath most medical diagnoses, there is usually an emotional need that is just as important to tend to. I strongly believe in the mind, body, and spiritual connection and that putting in the work to keep all three elements healthy has the power to change our lives.

I’m excited to share that I am now certified in Perinatal Mental Health through the international accrediting organization, Postpartum Support International.

Becoming a mother is more than just a transition, it is a transformation of the woman as a whole. While this shift into motherhood can be one of the most exciting and joyful times in a woman’s life, in the very next breath it can be isolating and terrifying. This dichotomy of emotional experiences often leads to anxiety, deep sadness or depression; and while many women feel this way, far too few speak about it. As a clinical social worker certified in perinatal mental health, I hope to be a resource to women in our area that are struggling with the often overwhelming feelings and thoughts that accompany motherhood. I’ll strive to cultivate a space where these varying emotions can be normalized and where any mother can feel truly seen,known and cared for. Motherhood is an incredible journey and no mother should have to venture into it alone.

Cole Westhoff

LPC, EMDR Provider

[email protected]    318-200-0405


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). My education background consists of bachelor degrees in Psychology and Interpersonal Communications with an emphasis in Conflict Resolution, and I have a Master’s degree in Counseling. I am a husband and a father. Being a counselor allows me to help others in the ways that my faith helps me; a source of guidance, insight, and striving to be our best self.

My counseling style is predominantly motivational interviewing to encourage change and personal growth. I’ve also received training in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), which allows me to help those with unresolved trauma and emotions lay down the burdensome symptoms of those negative experiences. I facilitate sessions with adults and couples faced with various challenges including addiction, stress, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief.

As a counselor, I want to walk the journey of self-discovery, recovery, and change, with you. My approach will focus on gaining a greater understanding of your individual goals. Together, we will focus on solutions and utilize a collaborative approach to develop actionable steps that will best meet your needs.

Morgan Nichols


[email protected]    318-734-8043


I came to know and love the profession of social work through the care my family and I received from bereavement programs as we experienced grief and sorrow. Before I fully understood social work and its scope, I became passionate about walking alongside people as they faced difficulty and isolation, and quickly saw the power of relating to others in struggle. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve others out of what I have learned through challenges I have faced. Each person has value and it is so special to assist clients in restoring their sense of hope and self-worth.

I am a Certified Social Worker with a bachelor’s in social work from Midwestern State University and a master’s in social work from Louisiana State University. I have gained experience in working with children, adolescents, and adults who have experienced loss and grief, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. My goal is to invite clients into an environment that allows for vulnerability and openness without judgment.

I desire for clients to feel seen, heard, and supported as they share the weight of their current struggles. It is a privilege to help others identify the origins of their pain and encourage them as they courageously take steps in their journey of healing and growth. I enjoy helping clients find solutions to their struggles through healthy and effective coping skills, encouraging mindfulness, and identifying clients’ strengths.

I love spending time outside and being active with my husband, Caleb, son, Bishop, and our pups, Charlie and Walker. There are few things I enjoy more than getting to go on a walk in the sunshine with all of the boys of my family!

Krista Gaston


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I was born and reared in Shreveport. The oil crunch hit us in 1986 and I had just turned 16. My stepfather was a builder and in order for him to find work, we moved to middle Tennessee. It took me away from all I had ever known- my city, my friends, and my biological father. 

Moving was painful, and heart wrenching, but it turned out to be the best thing that happened to me. God used this time to make Himself known to me. He was with me through it all and still is. 

My heart has always been for the hurting. At 25 years old, I married a widower with 5 young children and together we had two more. By the grace and mercy of God, my husband and I are still married. And my husband still cherishes me (as he knows what it’s like to lose a wife). Just by walking through life, and being broken myself, I have encountered more pain and loss than I could have imagined. However, I don’t want to waste any of my difficulties or comfort I have received and that is one reason I counsel today. 

Life is filled with good times and hard times. Combine the two and you get what we call bittersweet. All too often we allow the bitterness in life to blind us and keep us from seeing the sweetness. My prayer is that as we work together, hope can begin to be birthed out of the difficulties where you find yourself. I look forward to walking with you on your journey.

I received my undergraduate and master’s degree from Baylor University.  My masters is in social work, and I am a Licensed Master Social Worker. My experience has been working with clients having ADD, trauma, depression, loss, abuse, anxiety, codependency, marriage problems, behavioral problems, mental health and personality issues, and anyone feeling stuck in life. Women, children, and families are my focus.

Caitlyn Anders


[email protected]    318.734.9608


I have always enjoyed talking to people and learning about their stories. My experiences in life have taught me to be a compassionate and empathetic person with the desire of making others feel heard and understood. I am grateful for the chance to help others navigate trauma and difficulties in life as well as celebrate their accomplishments. I am passionate about working with all ages as individuals, couples, or families. It is a true privilege to work with clients as they find healing and continue to grow.

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and earned a Master of Social Work from Louisiana State University. Additionally, I studied English and earned a Bachelor of Arts and earned a Master of Public Administration, both from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. I love spending time with my husband, Caleb, our son, Oliver, and our dog, Cheddar. I thoroughly enjoy drinking coffee, spending time outside with my family, reading a book, or rewatching a favorite TV show.

Pastoral Counselors

Andy Bond

NCCA Certified Pastoral Counselor , PSAP, Certified Enneagram Coach

[email protected]    318-562-6903


I am a Certified Pastoral Counselor through the National Christian Counselors Association. I am also an ordained minister from the Universal Life Church. I am passionate about helping people find healing using a biblical approach. I believe that Jesus is the only way to achieve true sustainable healing. The Bible talks about all of the issues we deal with as a culture. A few examples are:

1 Kings 19, Matthew 6:27, Matthew 6:34, 1 Peter 5:7, Philippians 4:6, 2 Samuel 11, Luke 22

Jesus taught us everything we need to know about life and how to life free from the bondage this fallen world exposes us to. Using what Jesus has done for me, along with temperament theory (our inborn temperament from God) I meet my clients where they are and walk beside them with the guidance of the Holy Spirit as they step into the freedom Jesus came to gift us with.

Lyle Barnard

NCCA Certified Pastoral Counselor, PSAP

[email protected]    318-459-8661


I am a Certified Pastoral Counselor through the National Christian Counselors Association. I have 20 years experience leading worship in the church & an ordained minister. I’ve overcome 20 years of placing my identity in a title & 10+ years of porn addiction. I have a quote from The Office for just about every conversation. I have been married to Linsey since 2014 & we adopted our son Zay in 2020.

My communication style will be conversational with a healthy blend of encouragement & challenge, pointing back to our identity in Christ along the way. I hope to provide a place of clarity that helps the dust settle & help you see the options in front of you to move forward in a healthy, God honoring way. I am so excited for the possibility to walk alongside you as we navigate to places of hope from what seems dead. I look forward to working with you!

Tommy Moore


[email protected]    318-459-8061


I believe that all of us are made for connection and purpose. My goal is to guide and empower you so that you can find clarity, healing, and the life you were designed to have. I’m passionate about helping those who struggle with depression, anxiety, burnout, relationship issues, and religious trauma.

I am a Certified Pastoral Counselor through the National Christian Counselors Association and a certified Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional through the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals. I also have extensive training with the Barnabas Counseling Center in Richmond, VA and over twenty years of experience working in churches in the areas of pastoral care and spiritual formation. I’m currently pursuing a master’s in counseling at LSUS.

Integrative Wellness

Ashley Rachal

Registered Dietician
Specialties: Eating Disorders and Intuitive Eating

[email protected]   318-532-4700


As a registered dietitian and nutrition therapist, I am passionate about helping others live a more fulfilled life through healing their relationship to food and their body. I believe in a life of freedom– free from dieting, food rules, restrictions, rigidity, compulsions, and shame.

I help people learn how to reestablish trust in their innate ability and wisdom to nourish their bodies, find joyful movement that fits their lifestyle, and learn how to show compassion and respect to their bodies just as it is. I take a holistic approach to wellness that focuses on each person’s unique lifestyle and behaviors that support their goals for overall mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
I have a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Texas Tech University and a Masters of Science in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics from Louisiana Tech University. I specialize in eating disorder recovery, Intuitive Eating, and body image healing from a Health At Every Size® (HAES) perspective.

Jeremy Sutton

Physical Therapist

[email protected]   318-278-0330


I graduated from Louisiana Tech Universotu with a B.S. in Kinesiology and Health Promotion in 2004. I received my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The University of Health Sciences on St. Augustine, Florida in 2009.  I love to incorporate my faith and life experiences into my practice to treat the entire person as a spiritual, emotional, and physical being.

Learn More at

Admin Staff

Linda Patterson

Office Administrator

[email protected]   318-562-6903


I am a mother of two wonderful daughters and Nana to five amazing grand women!:) I received my associates degree in Business Administration from Remington College, Shreveport. I have been in the administrative field for years and have experience in working with several local businesses. I enjoy helping others to smile and reach their goals in life. I am thankful that I get to meet new people through this opportunity daily.

I enjoy crocheting, reading, traveling, and hanging out with family and friends.

Tracy Lear

Administrative Director

[email protected]   318-562-6903


Effectively supporting others so that they can focus on their great work brings me joy.  I love the tedious, mundane, detailed routine of office work and have been serving others in this way for over 20 years.

Outside of work, I can be found at Chick-fil-A, TJMaxx, or a Mexican restaurant (Don Juanz, for the win!), and I also know which restaurants serve the best sweet tea.  I love a good movie and am a sucker for a true story.

I married Richard Lear in 2000 and our daughter, Daylie Joye, was born in 2003.  (I don’t know how we ended up with a whole grown person for a daughter so quickly but here we are, sooner than I cared to be.)  I have a mildly unhealthy obsession with office supplies and am more than prepared for any pen emergency that may arise.

Sonnie Nash

Clint's Personal Assistant


My deepest desire is to love others because of the Love Christ so freely and undeservingly, gave me. I currently serve as Clint’s personal assistant, and my goal at CDC is to make sure that every client feels welcomed, seen and heard. I am originally from Dallas, Texas and my roots run deep! I have worked in the homeless shelter arena in both Dallas and Shreveport. Currently my husband and I are certified foster parents and seek to welcome children from hard places into our home. I look forward to serving you and helping you connect with our wonderful team at Clint Davis Counseling.